Week 47 Preview

As this auction ends, the next auction will become available for bidding during its week long run November 20 through November 27. Vintage items headed to auction include a 1930s Billy Bug Hollywood pinback button, a 1948 Ingraham Superman chrome plated wrist watch, and a 1965 first print The Supremes Lincoln Center handbill advertisement. Other collectibles include a Charlton 1975 Beyond the Grave #1 graded at a 5.5 FN, Diamond Select Toys 2011 Star Wars Celebration IV Exclusive R2-Q5 bank, and a Diamond Select Toys 2007 gold edition Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 Starship. These links are currently available by copying and pasting them into your web browser and will provide more information and images for each of these items. They will become available for bidding at the scheduled time.

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