Walter Lantz "Golf-A-Rama" (WC026) Limited Edition Cel

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 "GOLF-A-RAMA" (WC026) is an original work of art, specially designed by Lantz studio artist and approved and signed personally by Walter Lantz. This triple panning cel features sixteen of Walter Lantz's most recognizable characters. They have never appeared together in one cartoon, although all of the action is inspired by their films.

Miranda Panda, Winnie Woodpecker, Buzz Buzzard, Knothead, Charlie Beary, Charles Beary Jr., Splinter, Woody WOodpecker, Oswald, Inspectory Willoughby, Andy Panda, Mrs. Meany, Chilly Willy, Wally Walrus, Sugarfoot, and Gabby Gator

Silk screened lines reproduced from the original hand-inked cel with gouache background reproduced by lithography on acid free material.

Limited edition 178/200, signed by Walter Lantz. There are 25 artist proofs and 25 international editions.

MCA UNiversal Animation Art Certificate of Authenticity

 Walter Lantz Productions, INc. MCA Animation enterprises, a division of Walter Lantz Production Inc.

Condition: In very good condition with light creases in the corners from storage that can be observed in the accompanying pictures

Dimensions: 39 inches by 12 inches