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Uncle Dusty's Platinum Treasure Box (Very Limited)

Sold out

"Hold onto yer booties!  Dis here is a real doozy!" - Uncle Dusty

Very Limited offering!  We've listened to the feedback from our first treasure box and put it on steroids! This box will have even more incredible items in it.  If you are into shopping very early for the holidays this makes an incredible gift for a true comic collector.


Comics from Gold, Silver, or Bronze Age. (No guarantee of which time period)

No modern comics unless they are key issues holding good fair market value.

Comics will range in grades, with emphasis on current market value.


Chance to win GOLD prizes!  These will be randomly inserted in the boxes in addition to the already put together items!  Definite VALUE increase!

ALL Sales of this item are final due to mystery nature of the product.

Each Treasure Box that Uncle Dusty puts together will evolve based on feedback.  We have received a TON of positive feedback on the last box and a little constructive criticism too.  We aim to please, so we are constantly seeing where we can improve.