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Kellogg's Pep Comic Character Litho Button Complete Set


From Ted Hakes collection a complete set of EIGHTY SIX Pep Comic Character Litho Buttons, issued inside specially marked boxes of Kellogg’s Pep cereal mounted on pages from a book with an image list of the buttons. Designed by Sam Gold, each pin has the image of the character in the center and the name of that character around the edge, as well as the publisher

Includes every character such as SUPERMAN, FELIX THE CAT, The Phantom, Popeye, Blondie, Tiny Tim, Uncle Walt, Sandy, Orphan Annie, Pat Patten, Toots, Dagwood and more

NOTE: The white spot in the upper right hand area of the pins and the lower left hand area of the inside of the pins is from the flash, as the surface is reflective and is not an imperfection or worn away part of the surface image. The surface images are in-tact

Condition: Used and in good condition, with some vintage wear such as discoloration, rust on the inside of the pin, and storage wear marks and scuffs on various pins that can be observed in the accompanying pictures

Dimensions (approximately): 0.75 inches in diameter each

No original packaging present