Auction Week 38 Spotlights

We continue to offer a diverse selection of pop culture and vintage collectibles in our weekly eBay auction ending Sunday, September 25.  Vintage items currently available for bidding include a 1930s Walt Disney Enterprises Mickey Mouse Kittie-Mault promotional store sign, a 1953 Admiral giveaway Walt Disney The New Adventures of Peter Pan comic book and a 1962 issue of Life magazine volume 52 issue #13 with collectible Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris baseball trading cards. Modern collectibles include a 1994 Toy Expo The Shadow limited edition statuette by Majic Productions, a complete run of 12 Batman Hush #608-619 by DC Comics graded at an average 9.0 VF/NM, and a Judge Dread MK2 Lawgiver 1:1 scale prop replica from Planet Replicas.

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