Ancient Joe: El Bizarron

Dark Horse, 2002
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Black and white trade paperback graphic novel by C. Scott Morse ANCIENT JOE: el bizarron is published by Dark Horse

He never should have taken the devil's silver. Now his wife's passed away, and though Joe fears the worst -- that she's trapped in Hell, a captive of El Diablo -- he's determined to find her and deliver her from the Devil's clutches, whatever the cost. Aided by a down-and-out repairman and a little girl with a tragic secret, Joe follows a path that leads him through the afterlife and beyond. A God? Myth? Man? Well, who can know? Not a soul, but Ancient Joe...

Condition: Unused, in great condition

Dimensions (approximately): 9 inches by 6 inches by 0.25 inches

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Made in Canada